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January 30

vProfile of the Day - Anna Taylor

Today’s vProfile of the Day is Anna Taylor and she currently has 9 fans and 154 playviews!

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January 29

vProfile of the Day - Cameron Johnson

Today’s vProfile of the Day is Cameron Johnson and she currently has 10 fans and 234 playviews!

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January 28

vProfile of the Day - Kelly Fray

Today’s vProfile of the Day is Kelly Fray and she currently has 6 fans and 127 playviews!

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Oppous is

a life project, a dream that finally came true. from it's conception to it's development. It boasted all our efforts in order to make a positive impact to the world and the communications in general.

We would like everyone to live a different experience as well as to give them the power to share it.

We’re convinced that in order to reach around for success there shall be a balance between your work and life.

Optimism, perseverance and work as a team are the key aspects to create new leaders.

During these years we’ve seen our team, our tools, but most of all, our goals grow. We are honored to invite you to be part of this dream/reality.

Playfan vProfile
Connect with people and express yourself in motion.

What we do

We create our ideas and produce them.

Use Playfan as your personal calling card or cover letter that links you to the rest of the world.

Create real connections with people in more direct and personal ways by showing them who you REALLY are, via video.

More than 4 years
creating new ideas

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